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"This has been quite a journey, these last few months, and with your help things went seamlessly. As to be expected, there were a few bumps in the road, so, for me in unchartered territory, your professional experience and assistance was vital. Thank you for all of your hard work, both that I know of, and that of what I am sure happened behind the scenes to help everything move smoothly. You are to be admired for the positivity you show with everyone in this difficult and complex situation."

                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Michelle B. 

Thank you, Alice, for your terrific work and your excellent communication.  [My wife] and I could not agree more that you were the very best person to handle this and that we were so lucky that you were able to do it for us.  Thank you! You are an absolute superstar! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Steffan D. 

"Working with Claus Realty Advisors has been a truly wonderful experience. They helped us locate and purchase income properties in both Orange and Long Beach, in which values have steadily increased over the past few years. With their ample market knowledge and expert advice, they were able to make us feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Dennis and Alice with the upmost confidence that they will do anything they can to meet all expectations. 


~ Steven & Joana C. 


"Thank you for all your hard work, encouragement, and amazing communication through this whole sale process. It has been a joy to get to know you better. Thanks again for doing an amazing job." 


~ Kathryn A. 


Past Sales

  • 1061 Tustin Pines Way, Tustin, CA 

    • Sold $825,000

      • Represented first time home buyer beating out multiple other offers in competitive market. 

  • 1106 E. Vanowen Ave, Orange, CA 

    • Sold $1,100,000

      • Represented Seller

  • 10961 Desert Lawn #219, Calimesa, CA  

    • Sold $185,000

      • Represented buyer 

  • 508 1/2 Acacia Ave, Corona Del Mar, CA 

    • Sold $2,650,000

      • Represented buyer and secured sale price well under asking. 

  • 1010 W. 18th St., Santa Ana, CA  

    • Sold $1,015,000

      • Represented buyer and secured winning offer beating out 10 other offers on same property. 

  • 114 S. Guadalupe Ave. Unit A, Redondo Beach, CA 

    • Sold $1,181,000

      • Secured multiple offers within the first few days on market. Sold 5.9% over asking. Represented Seller. 

  • 551 Union St., Encinitas, CA 

    • Sold $3,000,000

      • Well established, large kennel property. Represented buyer and seller. 

  • 3500 W. Ramsey St., Banning, CA 

    • Sold $1,500,000

      • High performing Kennel property. Represented buyer and seller. 

  • 13691 Jenet Circle, Santa Ana, CA 

    • Sold $1,349,000

      • Represented buyer in a highly competitive market completing escrow in 3 weeks. 

  • 606 W. Collins Ave, Orange, CA

    • Sold $550,000

      • Established Kennel facility and residence near heart of Old Town Orange. 

  • 1941 N. Tustin St. #2, Tustin, CA 

    • Sold $510,000

      • Sold $35,000 over comps with 12 offers in the first weekend. 

  • 1516 W. Palais Rd. Anaheim CA

    • Sold $759,900 

      • Disney Short Term Rental Investment Property. Sold at asking before it hit the market. ​

  • 16750 Paradise Mountain Rd, Valley Center, CA

    • Sold $710,000 

      • Unique Dog Kennel Property with multiple kennel buildings and residence on property. 

  • 13061 Stanton, North Tustin, CA

    • Sold $1,120,000

      • Three offers within the first few days of listing. 

  • 160 N. A Street, Tustin, CA

    • Sold $710,000

      • Charming Old Town Tustin home with modern touches. 

  • 12421 Charloma Dr., Tustin, CA

    • Sold $1,187,010

      • Sold at full asking price within 24 hours of listing.

  • 14751 Plaza Drive, Suite N, Tustin, CA

    • Sold $400,000

      • Tustin office condo in the well managed Wellington Pines complex. 

  • 17651 Imperial Highway, Yorba Linda, CA 

    • Sold $1,881,792

      • Vinjons Kennel Chino

  • 14771 Plaza Drive, Suite M, Tustin CA 

    • Sold $400,000

      • Tustin office condo in the well managed Wellington Pines complex. 

  • 23971 Sanctuary Parkway, Yorba Linda, CA 

    • Sold $760,000

      • Beautiful home in the gated community of the Legacy at Bryant Ranch.

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